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Author MasterBlogger1 of Devil In The People’s House

Devil In The Peoples House by Author MasterBlogger1 – A Revealing Read Exposing Democrat Progressive Liberalism at War with God and Nation.

Author MasterBlogger1 says he loves America!  He states that God must come first for us to thrive. And admits; he once placed more faith in man than his creator. He says that blind trust in humanity is like setting a foundation on shifting sand. MasterBlogger1 confesses his failure to trust in God.

He also hoped America could endure and defeat Satan’s fools here at home. But; rather than turn to God, he continued to fight battles on his own. He hoped Republicans would awaken and protect his nation. But it’s become apparent that Liberal implants have infiltrated the party. Thus; he feared that zombie Liberals would destroy his country.

The Lawlessness Of Progressive Liberalism

Author MasterBlogger1 has blogged since 2012. He’s been a determined champion for America. Voicing his concerns that Democrats are harming our republic has become a mission.
Additionally, he hoped Republicans loved America enough to stand on principle. Discouraged; he wondered if there were any honest politicians left. If so; why are so few stepping up to represent our nation at this critical hour? Apparently; the lawlessness of Liberalism is becoming the rule, rather than the exception. Unholy alliances have formed causing him grave concern.

Author MasterBlogger1 States Mainstream Media Has No Desire For Truth

Author MasterBlogger1 states that Mainstream Media has no desire for truth. Because God and truth are in direct opposition to the liberal agenda. Yes, the news is now bankrupt of ethics and principles. Furthermore; they are now defined by many as “fake news.”

Many on all sides look past the insanity with arms folded. Unbelievably; many have their heads in the sand as evil ones trample America underfoot. Indeed, alliances from hell are running amuck! To our horror, many Republicans are members of a union conceived in hell! Regrettably, Author MasterBlogger1 is saddened by the evil on all sides. Fortunately; our forefathers warned us of the Liberals and their evil plots.

No doubt, these wise men crafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect America. Because they knew humanities worst could rise again in the future. Clearly; Democrat Progressive Liberal Socialists have waged war on our Republic. And it’s up to God-fearing patriots to protect our nation from traitors among us.

MasterBlogger1 Has Re-directed His Energy

MasterBlogger1 has felt powerless as he observed evil ones consuming his nation. Similarly; it’s been unsettling to see America attacked due to the agenda of traitors within. Feeling angst; he had to come to terms with the necessity to re-direct his energy. Devil In The People’s House is the result of soul-searching. In other words; Author MasterBlogger1 has re-focused his negative energy into this book.

Not Just About Politics Says Author MasterBlogger1

This book is not just about Politics, he exclaims! No, it’s about reclaiming a nation under attack by Satan’s minions. Most importantly; it’s about returning God to his rightful place, a place of reverence. Author MasterBlogger1 states; it’s urgent we be conscious of evil in our midst. So; he encourages the reader to be vigilant and awake. We must expose evil for what it is, and evil ones for who they are. “I won’t sacrifice truth at the altar of liberal “new normal” lies.” “Nor will I yield to political correctness created by antichrists, he exclaims!” “For such are tricks of the evil one, crafted to silence God’s elect.”

Prioritize By Placing God First

It’s vital that we make God our priority by placing him in first place In fact; The power to endure, overcome and destroy evil resides at the foot of the cross! “Many self-centered politicians and evil loyalists undermine America,” exclaims MasterBlogger1!” Therefore; we must identify the evil ones and their agenda.
In other words; we cannot allow them to sabotage God’s word and America’s welfare. Power has intoxicated these lost souls. Yes; “their clueless to God’s will,” says Author MasterBlogger1. And many are high on their agenda to reduce America to rubble, for Satan’s pleasure! In other words; the meaning of public service alludes these tortured souls. Principled good behavior is foreign to the Liberal plan to harm America, says MasterBlogger1.

No Nation On Earth Can Succeed Without God

No nation on the earth can enjoy sustained blessings without God as their guide. Indeed; America is no exception says MasterBlogger1. Therefore; all the more reason to expose evil ones, and thwart their plans. God-fearing patriots must vote morally to keep Satan’s minions out of positions of power. Author Masterblogger1 adds; those undermining God’s blessings upon our nation are foreign! So; he promises to expose Liberal lies as revealed by the Holy Spirit. There’s much talk in America about separation of church and state. But silencing truth and wisdom aligning with God are not acceptable, says MasterBlogger1.

Furthermore; Satan’s elect cannot squelch God’s whispers to humankind.
Additionally; “the role of Satan and his minion fools in the latter days is to harvest souls for hell.” Consider Gods word; 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

God, Truth, And Rules, A threat To Democrats Says Author MasterBlogger1

Democrats fear God, truth, and the rule of law says MasterBlogger1. Thus; Liberals are intent on harming America and anything aligning with virtue. Furthermore; this is Satan’s mission before our Lord Jesus Christ returns for his people. Please Consider; 1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

With God’s truth silenced, Satan’s fools will make it up as they go. Yes; surrendering what is right will grant them power and authority over us. Similarly; humanity is harmed when evil ones alter the truth. And if we cave to their evil plans, the doors of hell will open! So, never surrender to Democrat pawns, and their master in the shadows, warns MasterBlogger1. Indeed; the wrath of God will be our punishment should we betray what is right and just.

Will Satan’s Fools Reign Over Us?

Yes, if we allow Satan’s fools to reign over us, we will get what we deserve! Moreover; a nation in a Godless vacuum cannot endure the influence of evil. Obviously; we cannot allow demons in the shadows to undermine our right to God and country. 

Above all; rulers responsible for building strong foundations must know God. Indeed; Author MasterBlogger1 suggests we pray for God’s discernment of evil forces in our midst.

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