Devil In The People's House
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ISBN 9781457547508
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Clouds are gathering throughout the homeland indicating a storm is looming over our beloved America. Old glory blows in a torrential wind of change—ushering in an era of decay and destruction. America’s symbol she has become tattered and worn. We may possibly maintain the appearance of strength and invincibility for a time. But it is not sustainable under the duress imposed by the Progressive Liberal mindset and agenda. Note: you may see entire [VIDEO PLAY LIST] for Book – Devil In The People’s House here –

Devil In The People’s House endeavors to expose the decay in America. Rot exists beneath the surface—and cracks abound in our foundation as a nation. Devil In The People’s House identifies how the greatest nation on earth is being plundered. America is being exploited by Progressive Liberals and being robbed of her very essence. Our nation is being undermined by an evil force and a supporting movement within our gates. The intent Progressive Liberals will continue to fester and proliferate if we don’t take action. Remain asleep to what is occurring will be the demise of the greatest nation on earth. This is not a theory but a fact as evidenced by the results of their evil agenda. We must pray for wisdom and discernment in order to defeat Satan’s emissaries on our soil. This agenda of destruction was conceived in a very dark place—a dark place indeed.


Devil In The People’s House was written to expose the agenda of the Democrat – Progressive – Liberal – Socialist mindset in America. This unconscious mindset negatively influences our society and adversely impacts the governance of our nation. Most importantly is that Progressive Liberalism is attempting to distort our view of God. They also desire to obstruct mans desire to show reverence to God.

Progressive Liberals endeavor to sabotage mans relationship with God by creating “New Normal” counterfeit illusions. Devil In The People’s House reveals how Progressive Liberals are attempting to usurp God’s Authority. Their ultimate goal is to replace God’s influence with their own. They attempt to undermine what God has established in his word. They seek to distort good—attempting to convince us that God is not relevant. They aspire to be the ones to officiate what is good, bad, truthful—-and what is a lie.

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