Devil In The People's House
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ISBN 9781457547508
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Devil In The People’s House makes contact with reality that evil resides among us. This book was written for times such these. Get your copy Today!

Devil In The People’s House – An “Insightful Read Exposing Democrat Progressive Liberalism at War with God and the Soul of a Nation”

MasterBlogger1 of Crucial Times Press thanks you for visiting this website and this contact page. He is grateful for all the support he is receiving for his work to awaken others to the reality of evil in our day. You may also contact and interact with him on Twitter at

It is clear to many that we must awaken to the harsh realities that surround us in this day and age. Pretending that evil does not exist will not make it go away. Just the fact that you are here on this website – and on this contact page is an indicator that you possess a degree of consciousness required to make a difference in this fallen world.

We have chosen this contact page to encourage you in your quest for meaning in a world spinning out of control. If we all band together and refuse to be the silent majority any longer – perhaps we can make a difference. For as the day of our Lord Jesus Christ’s return draws near we must understand that not all of the fallen among us are destined for eternity with the evil one.

Let us go about the business of getting right with God, that we may become a finer example of a being that others want to emulate. Time may be shorter than we think my brothers sisters – let us pray for God’s guidance and strength as the day draws near.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Crucial Times Press – for we welcome your input. We have exciting news – Devil In The People’s House by MasterBlogger1 is now out and available to order here at – and Fine bookstores everywhere. Won’t you get your copy today and support the efforts of MasterBlogger1 to spread Gods Wisdom here at home and throughout the world. Lets work together with god in the center – we will prevail!