Devil In The People's House
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ISBN 9781457547508
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Book – Devil In The People’s House by MasterBlogger1

Devil In The People’s House was written to expose evils of Democrat Progressive Liberal Socialists. Get your copy of this book Today!

Democrat – Progressive – Liberal – Socialist pawns in America and around the world have absolutely no good intentions for their nations. This book will challenge the reader to look deeper into an agenda cleverly crafted in a den of demons who’s mandate is to lull us to sleep while they robs us of country and eternal salvation with Jesus Christ. America the beautiful is being incrementally transformed by Antichrists who live among us. Demon Possessed  “Democrat – Progressive – Liberal – Socialists” are commissioned by the master of this fallen world—to inject their poisonous venom into the life blood of our country.

It is a strategy to implode America from within and to render our beloved nation stripped of God’s guidance, protection, and favor in a time when our planet is spinning out of control. This book will challenge you to look deeper and clearly see the truth hidden behind the lies they want us to believe.

Yes—there are demons who live among us—and many  of them are closer than we may think or wish to believe.

We all have choices to make—we can convince ourselves that the elephant on our couch is not there. We can accommodate the big guy by rearranging our furniture and cleaning around him. But at the end of the day—the elephant grows larger—and may even develop an attitude—making the task of eviction that much more daunting.

We also have an option of looking the big guy square in the eyes and tell him he is out of place here and that he must go.

“Devil In The People’s House” is a book written by a regular guy who loves an extraordinary God and a fabulous country that is slipping through his fingers as others look on.

This book is written in the spirit of truth as it aligns with the word of God.